In 1925, Casper Merrill took the milk and cream from the family milk cows and made the “original” Ice Cream Nut Sundae on a Stick, then called Casco® Nut Sundaes.  He made those first bars, known today as  FatBoy® Nut Sundaes, in a ten-gallon milk can and sold them at the local 4th of July celebration.  Soon after, Casper developed his original FatBoy® Ice Cream Sandwich, a much larger than usual ice cream novelty that earned its name.

All those who tried those first Casco® Nut Sundaes® and FatBoy® Ice Cream Sandwiches enjoyed them so much they wanted more. To keep up with demand, Casper expanded his home-grown production and began making his ice cream delights on a larger scale. Soon after, it wasn’t just 4th of July patrons savoring Casper’s Ice Cream–people all over the Intermountain West were making them a household name.

As the years have passed, the original ingredients and recipe have changed very little.  Today, Casco® Nut Sundaes and FatBoy® Ice Cream Sandwiches are being eaten coast to coast and raved about just as much as the first Sundaes on that  4th of July celebration in 1925.

With deep roots, Casper’s Ice Cream, Inc. is still operating in Richmond, Utah and has expanded its operational capacity to fully service demand across the country.  Casper’s grandson, Paul Merrill, is currently managing the company to ensure the original recipe continues spreading throughout the world.

To this day, Casper’s Ice Cream continues to innovate and provide the finest quality of frozen products including their newest additions: nostalgically flavored FatBoy® Freeze Pops and naturally delicious, health-focused Jolly Llama® Sorbet and Cream Pops.